The Green people is a community that works towards ecologically responsible agro-tourism movement. Our beliefs are rooted in reviving old traditions of farming and associated practices. We wish to make the land of the Gods the heaven it was. We work towards letting the people of the hills stay and take up occupations that are gradually becoming redundant. Our desire is to promote development alongside ecologically responsible means.

We are a young organization run by spirited individuals who have come together for a common goal. We are from all walks of life and some of us volunteer for the love of the hills.

“There is a great affinity between trees and men. We grow at much the same pace, if we are not hurt or starved or cut down. In our youth we are resplendent creatures, and in our declining years we stoop a little, we remember, we stretch our brittle limbs in the sun, and then, with a sigh, we shed our last leaves.” ........- Ruskin Bond

We are responsible towards the hills that we owe so much to. To its beauty and its rains, we dedicate ourselves each day.

Terms & Declaration