The Goat Village is a traditionally curated and crafted heaven in the hills of Garhwal. It is GreenPeople’s base site and has turned out to be far more beautiful than initial expectations.
Amongst its myriad hues are the greens of the oak & rhododendron trees and deep blues of the endless sky. The vistas are unmatched and air is crisp. There are goats on the site that start their morning walks and return only when they have grazed green pastures of the surroundings and afar. They have a shelter that they call home and it has been designed in order to keep them from any harm.
The cottages are cozy and beautifully done up by the local artisans. Only locally available material has been put to use keeping the spirit of GreenPeople’s mission from diluting.
The site is the midpoint for a popular trek to Nagtibba. Not only do we arrange your treks, we also facilitate camping excursions.

Stay @ The Goat Village

10 neat Garhwali cottages best suited for the travelers wishing to experience the local way of life. These cottages are designed to cover the basics and provide for an excellent living experience and a stay at our properties not only brings out the adventurer in you, we also ensure that we turn you into a Garhwali food connoisseur.
We serve local delicacies and rely on our Garhwali kitchen staff to bring together local flavors. All the produce used for cooking purposes is sourced locally.
Trust our traveler accounts and pay us a visit! You would long to come back and we will host you just the way we did the first time.

Property rules

The Goat Village and all Green People initiatives are high on environment integrity. We have a zero tolerance policy towards plastic or any sort of littering on the property. We are good if the litter is biodegradable but do not allow plastic waste in any form. It is an earnest request that you carry such waste back with you.
Running amok is just fine with us. So is a good laugh but try and maintain harmony with the nature without disrupting the rhythm we are trying to preserve. With all those thoughts and promises in place, have a pleasant stay!

Terms & Declaration